Rubia Wines is a premier Napa Valley boutique winery and house of traditions.

For the first proposal, I wanted to communicate where the name of Rubia comes from. I decided to focus on the hair to represent the roots of the company—to communicate that Rubia derives from a woman, Margaret Valenzuela. By focusing on the hair, we were able to create a unique die-cut that will stand out from the crowd.
To establish a system, names of wine could be altered in color following the ingredients they contain.
For this proposal, I was inspired by the process of winemaking— specifically the pressing stage. The organic shapes used on the label were inspired by the shapes that ingredients take when being pressed.
The shape of the label is derived from the geographical shape of the fields in which Rubia cultivates its wine. Lines in color represent the vineyards of the field.
The colors of the lines are inspired by the kinds of berries and ingredients that the wine contains. Colors would change accordingly to the flavor of the wine.

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