Body and Soul is all about the enjoyment that music brings to life, injecting joy in people’s souls, and letting Soul Music be a part of your everyday daily life. The logo was heavily influenced by the history of  Soul and its music. The design is composed of a quarter and eighth note which was a rhythm used in the majority of the compositions from the beginnings of Soul Music. Amazing singers such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gave, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Al Green, and much more gained popularity due to the way they performed behind the microphone. Many people referred to them as singers who would sing their souls out when performing. One of the most important instruments in Soul Music is the human voice. Due to that, an expression of singing with joy and passion was formed using the note shape of the logo. The negative space around and inside the music note helps it achieve the shape and illusion of a singer’s face.
To achieve a full branding experience, this project involved the creation of an identity mark and three-dimensional packaging. Items include a collection of three types of vinyl with its special collection box, a record player, a microphone, and headphones. Body and Soul is a brand that not just only focuses on the music itself and the artists but also gives the listener the whole music experience by providing tools that can be used to play the music and sing along.

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