Hello, I'm Ricky, a passionate creator, minimalist, & traveler.
So why do I say passionate
I consider growing up in a bi-national community such as El Paso/Juarez a fortunate part of me. I take pride in my roots and what I represent. Throughout my life, I've experienced many things that have shaped the way I think and fuel me with energy to break cycles. I come from a community of kind, creative, hard-working people. My creativity has been the key to exploring the world, opening my mind to new perspectives, and has led to opportunities that I would have never imagined to be possible. I'm passionate about making a difference in my family and in my community. One of the biggest goals that I plan to achieve is to break as many cycles inside my family and build my own creative studio that can lead to new opportunities for creatives in my community. I want new and existing generations to be aware of the opportunities that exist outside our norm. 
I often compare myself to a sponge. I love to absorb as much as I can from everyone I meet, new experiences, places, and everything that crosses my path. Learning is crucial to me—I eventually would love to be a leader in my community and be able to provide value to others. 

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