Graphic Design is truly the love of my life (as corny as it sounds). I think about design at all times of the day. The beautiful thing about being a designer is that there are an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to solutions. I find it amazing to be able to communicate and solve the problem visually. I love functional design, a design that makes everyone's life easier and enjoyable. But that is not the only design that I love—I love every form of design. I believe I should never limit myself to a certain area in design, I want to do it all!

I'm extremely fortunate to be born and raised in a bi-national community such as El Paso. I take pride in my roots and what I represent. I love what I do and I wake up every single day thinking about design and about improving my skills. Being a graphic designer is living the dream, it allows me to learn something new every day through research and projects. I will never get tired of designing, I want to be as old as Seymour Chwast and Milton Glaser and still be designing every day.
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